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A Few days a go I had the pleasure of visiting the capital of Italy for 3 days. This was actually my first time there and I can safely say,  I absolutely loved every second of my time there. The city has a soul like no other.

I loved the culture, the food, the fashion but most of all the city history .

Everywhere I looked and been there was some sort of story to tell ...

The monuments were so old yet timeless .. I mean ... We are talking hundreds and hundreds of years old. some of them thousands; to name one the Coliseum, nearly an astonishing 1947 years old.


My journey started in London  from Gatwick which was very easy and surprisingly affordable, I used Norwegian Airways. This only cost £51 for a return flight plus you get free Wifi onboard to make staying connected and documentation even easier  ;).

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Upon arrival I came to realize the public transport in Rome was super easy and was going to make getting around somewhat of a dream! I stayed within the town center and the Termini station which is the main station if you will. By this i mean you can get anywhere from there, I used the the trains for the duration of my time in this beautiful city, you can buy 12 or 48 hours tickets which you can use all anywhere and so its most definitely worth investing.


Also (if I do say so myself) I was very clever to book my colosseum tour tickets before I went, because the queues there can be hours long so I would advise you do the same if this is a monument you are interested in visiting (You must) I use TIQETS and I pay £19.00 for my ticket which includes jumping the queue at Colosseum and the Roman Forum. That's a bargain I say!

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I highly recommend you pay visit , it's the most iconic & large amphitheatre ever with 48M height and Roman architecture makes it the most inspirational building in Rome where once used for the gladiatorial games, there is a feeling I cannot white explain there. It's full of life and charged me somehow

Also I was blessed to be accommodated by the most incredible hotel company:  they have an easy system to use, they are much cheaper than any other hotel bookings website and they have a very generous reward scheme, so every 10 nights you staying in hotel you get 1 nights stay absolutely free!  (If that's not an excuse to stay on then I don't know what is! 

You can check the website or the app which available to download on iPhone and android .

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As I previously mention another aspect I LOVED was the food MAMA MIA as the saying goes. There are some delicious dishes, I am surprised at how culturally they are so fit looking! I could most definitely get carried away:D...


Rome wouldn't have been the same city if I hadn't have consumed at least half of my body weight of their famous Gelato ice cream, pizza or pasta. All of the dishes are seasoned to perfection and are exceptionally tasteful  ... Honestly the best place to have food in the evening is around the Pantheon Church which you can visit for free! I mean anywhere around that area i guarantee you will end up having a yummy tasting Italian food.


I will be back .. 

As tradition goes I made my wish and tossed my coin at Fontana Di Trevi, genuinely it's the most beautiful fountain I ever have seen .. As I was walking around town I couldn't stop thinking about the fountain. It has something very special about it... And so I had to  go back to toss another coin haha(I don't believe there is a limit to how many wishes you can make). Might I add one of them has already come true!


From the bottom of my heart, I hope you all one day have a chance to visit Rome. I will make it my mission to return and assure you if you take the journey you will feel the same.

Keep positive and spread the love people, the world is an oyster  x


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