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I've never been anywhere quite like Marrakech. So much colour, life and vibrancy, and definitely a crazy but unmissable experience walking through the Souks!

If you like history, photography and experiencing a culture completely different to home then get here as soon as you can. Definitely one of the most Instagram friendly places I've ever been, every photo was bursting with colour - no wonder Yves Saint Lauren made this place his home!

So many friendly people and beautiful restaurants with amazing food - I'll definitely be back!

Here's my Top 5 Tips:


#1. The Souk District

One of the most interesting and overwhelming places I've been, and surely the best place to capture the full essence of Marrakech. This place is crazy - the sights, smells, noise and hustle and bustle cannot be believed until you get here - do not miss getting lost in this maze. Take your time!

You can buy pretty much anything here and should expect to pay maximum 40% of the asking price

Top Tip: Sellers can seem overly aggressive at first and forward toward women. Dress appropriately covering your shoulders and knees and be firm in saying no - you'll soon see the friendly side of the sellers


#2. Palais Bahia

One word, tiles... Every corner of this place has been lovingly built on behalf of Ahmed ben Moussa in 1866 for his favourite mistress, which is why it's named Bahia (the beautiful)

One of the masterpieces of Moroccan architecture and one of the cheapest and most beautiful palaces in Marrakech, utterly stunning

The light floods into the rooms through the large stained glass windows, and the courtyards and gardens are just gorgeous

Top Tip: Arrive early before all the crowds arrive if you want great photos


#3. Jardin Marjorelle & YSL

I love fashion so couldn't wait to go and visit the home and museum of the iconic Yves Saint Laurent. The Jardin Marjorelle was YSL's creation and home for many years where he designed many of his masterpieces. 

The garden is beautiful and so colourful with deep blues, yellows and reds. In fact Marjorelle Blue is the colour famous to Morocco which can be found all over the walls of the buildings. 

His museum is next door and well worth a visit to see his designs and get an understanding of the inspiration he took from Morocco's colours and culture

Top Tip: Get the ticket for the garden and the museum together - definitely worth it if you love fashion!


#4. Le Jardin Secret

Deep in the Medina you can find a little Oasis of calm which is the secret garden. 

This hidden gem can be found behind a small door off one of the bustling streets in the Medina. 

After 8 years of loving restoration, two gardens can be found here. One containing exotic plants from all over the world, and the other a beautiful courtyard, covered with the traditional beautiful green tiles famous within Marrakech.

Top tip: Climb the stairs to the rooftop terrace and enjoy a coffee overlooking the calm of the secret garden to escape the madness of the Souk


#5. Visit a Riad

Walking through the tight streets of the Medina, you'd never believe the jewels hidden behind the small doors. 

A Riad is basically a traditional townhouse built around a small courtyard to give people a rest from the Medina. Nowadays they are mostly hotels, restaurants and a great place to get a Hammam massage. 

I stayed in a hotel outside but loved the Riads for a drink as a break from shopping

Top Tip: If you're not going to a big hotel try and stay in one of these for a couple of days


Top Food & Drink Tip

Behind an unassuming door you'll find a gorgeous open air restaurant perfect for lunch in the sun. Even better it's covered with my favourite green tiles!

Check out Le Jardin for an incredible Tagine or choose from many of the traditional dishes, including lots of fresh food and great vegetarian options

I also loved the desserts here, one of my best meals in Marrakech and a short walk from the main square. Click here for the menu: Le Jardin



Thank you for all your support and love . 

Danubia Sousa xx